Admission Criteria

Administration and Students' Academic Affairs

Disciplinary Procedures

The school admits students from across the country every academic year. Students that are admitted to the school portray high-levels of academic ability and express the desire to succeed. The highly competitive academic environment at the school enables all students to attain their lifetime goals. All admission procedures used by the school are guided by the Ministry of Education.

The school has a Deputy Principal that is wholesomely in charge of Academic Affairs. This provides ample time and resources to matters that relate to the students' longtime academic goals. The Deputy Principal, together with the Guiding and Counseling Committee are also responsible for inviting resource persons that offer regular career and academic talks to the students.

Nyeri High School boasts of high morally-upright students that are nurtured within a religious environment. Cases involving discipline among the students are handled amicably within the school. The involved students, the principal, the Guiding and Counseling Committee, as well as the parents of the subject student are all involved in order to arrive at a satisfying solution.

Students' Discipline and Running of the School

On matters of discipline, a well organized discipline committee is in place chaired by the Deputy Principal. However the rest of the staff members are at liberty to give corrective tasks or refer culprits to the committee. We also have a demerit system through which we are able to monitor the discipline of the students. A Chief Time Tabler makes the Timetable assisted by a selected committee. When the Principal or the Deputy Principal happens to be away, the Teachers on Duty coordinate the smooth running of the school.

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