Students' Leadership and Representation

Student leaders are selected every October. The students are given a chance to propose names of those who they wish should be appointed. The teaching staff go through the nominees lists and is at liberty to add or reject some. Each nominee (mandatory to the senior prefects) is then exhaustively discussed before the best are picked. They are then informed of their nomination. An official announcement is then made during the assembly.

For purposes of motivation; the leaders team are taken for trips once in a while. The prefects are also taken for seminars and training so as to help them balance their leadership with their academic pursuits. An official taking/handing over of the prefects is usually put in place for a smooth transition of leadership.

Sports and Talents

By allowing students to participate in at least one of the many sporting fields, the school has enabled them to attain individual and group success in terms of talents. The games master co-ordinates all matters pertaining to sports and nurturing of talents within the school.

Guidance and Counseling

The Guidance and Counseling Committee, which also comprises of the school's chaplaincy ensures that the students are well-guided in terms of career choices, moral uprightness, academic success and development. We are committed to raising a reliable future generation.