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Education Principal Secretary Visit to the School

Education Principal Secretary, Dr. Richard Belio Kipsang visited the school on 1st of October 2018 as a friend of the school and as part of his administrative duties. Talking to the students and the teaching staff after visiting various academic and boarding departments, Dr. Kipsang expressed his satisfaction with the level of facilities within the school. Additionally, he thanked the principal and his staff for the tremendous work they have done to maintain the status of the school. Nyeri High School is a national academic giant, known to produce renowned personalities in the country.

The Principal Secretary urged the students to maintain their high levels of discipline because the current society has put high expectations on them.

Schools sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri held their annual prize giving day at Nyeri High School grounds on 12th July, 2018. The event saw the coming together of various principals and school heads from across the archdiocese. Nyeri High School received various awards ranging from academic excellence to co-curriculum achievements. Speaking at the event, the Archdiocese Education Secretary Fr. S. K. Kamondo urged the students to maintain their high moral and academic standards. This comes in the wake of continued indiscipline cases experienced in other parts of the country.

All principals and school heads of schools sponsored by the Nyeri Catholic Archdiocese gathered at Nyeri High School grounds for the annual prizing giving event.

The opening ceremony of the new school laboratory was attended by the school principal, some of the executive members of the school's Board of Management and the Parents Association, heads of various academic and co-curriculum departments, the Nyeri Archdiocese Education secretary, and representatives of the Nyeri County Education docket. The ultramodern science laboratory will facilitate science practicals and students' research activities. Speaking after the event, the principal thanked all members of the school's fraternity on their commitment to ensure that Nyeri High School maintains its high academic standards.

The school recently completed the construction of a new laboratory that is intended to facilitate science practical lessons.

At Nyeri High School, We Seek To Provide an Enabling Environment for Quality Learning and Maximum Development of Students’ Potential through Collective Responsibility.

At Nyeri High School, We Are Committed To be the Leading Centre of Academic Excellence, Spiritual and Moral Perfection.

Nyeri High School Has Continously Received Regional, National and International Recognition in Various Fields.

Climate of High Expectations

Nyeri High School is an effective school that expects high levels of achievement from each member of their learning community; all students can and will learn, and teachers, staff, administrators, and parents are expected to hold that belief.

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