Downloads & Tenders

The Tendering Period for the Year 2024-2025 is

...Currently CLOSED!

Tender Code Name of Tender
1. NHS/01/2024/25 ※ Fruits (Banana and other fruits in season)
2. NHS/02/2024/25 ※ Dry Cereals ─White Maize and beans
3. NHS/03/2024/25 ※ Fresh Meat
4. NHS/04/2024/25 ※ Fresh Milk
5. NHS/05/2024/25 ※ Building and Hardware Materials
6. NHS/06/2024/25 ※ Manufactured Goods (Sugar, Wheat flour, Rice, Cooking Fat etc)
7. NHS/07/2024/25 ※ Fresh Cabbages
8. NHS/08/2024/25 ※ Potatoes and Green Groceries
9. NHS/09/2024/25 ※ Firewood and Charcoal
10. NHS/10/2024/25 ※ Staff Uniform
11. NHS/11/2024/25 ※ Sport Uniform and Equipment
12. NHS/12/2024/25 ※ Cleaning Materials, Detergent Making Chemicals and Disinfectants
13. NHS/13/2024/25 ※ Laboratory Chemicals and Equipment
14. NHS/14/2024/25 ※ Building And general Services
15. NHS/15/2024/25 ※ Electrical Repairs and Materials
16. NHS/16/2024/25 ※ Printing of Exercise Books and Office Materials
17. NHS/17/2024/25 ※ Toners and Cartridges, Masters and Copier Ink
18. NHS/18/2024/25 ※ Computer Accessories and Maintenance
19. NHS/19/2024/25 ※ Comprehensive Insurance Cover for the School Vehicles
20. NHS/20/2024/25 ※ Employee Group Personal Insurance Cover
21. NHS/21/2024/25 ※ Comprehensive Insurance Covers for the School Buildings
22. NHS/22/2024/25 ※ Motor Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
23. NHS/23/2024/25 ※ Fuel, Oil and Lubricants
24. NHS/24/2024/25 ※ Farm Imputs and Agricultural Related Items
25. NHS/25/2024/25 ※ Fumigation And Septic Tanks Maintenance Services
26. NHS/26/2024/25 ※ Welding And Repair Services.
27. NHS/27/2024/25 ※ Furniture Supply
28. NHS/28/2024/25 ※ Maintenance of Energy Saving Jikos
29. NHS/29/2024/25 ※ Fire Fighting Equipment's And Services
30. NHS/30/2024/25 ※ Security Services
31. NHS/31/2024/25 ※ Pharmaceutical Supply


Tendering Period Now CLOSED!

Tender Numbers 1, 8, 12, 17 and 31 are reserved for SPECIAL GROUPS.

Interested applicants should download Tender documents and attach the original bank slip for a non-refundable fee of Ksh. 1000/= per document when submitting the completed documents. Completed tender forms in plain sealed envelopes marked – TENDER No. ………….. as above should be addressed to:

The Chairman Tender Committee Nyeri High School, P.O Box 337, NYERI


Be placed in the tender box at the reception so as to reach the above on or before 28th June 2024 by 10.00a.m. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter.

The amount should be deposited through Equity Bank Account no. 1150297110210 Kimathi Way- Nyeri.


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