The School Chapel

Brief History

The chapel was built by the Consolata Missionaries in the year 1924 and has been the main worship centre of the school over the whole period. Over the years, the school has recorded a steady increase in the student population and for this reason, the Chapel has had to undergo various renovations in order to cater for the extra number of students. This includes a structure erected at the entrance that serves as an extension. The facility is in a dilapidated state because of its age and daily use.

The school chapel is one of the most important facilities that is used on daily basis by the students for mass. In addition, the facility stands out as a monumental treasure, not only for the school, but as well as among many other Catholic Church worship facilities in the larger Nyeri County.

The chapel is currently undergoing a face-lift. Old boys, parents and partners of the school who would like to contribute towards making the project a success can deposit funds through the following bank details:

Name of Bank: Equity Bank Limited -Nyeri Branch
Account Name: Chapel Account
Account Number: 0110268205089

The Chaplaincy

The Catholic Church of the Arch-diocese of Nyeri provides a Chaplain to the school. However, due to the size and nature of the school, it also has adherents of other faiths. Despite the differences in faiths, all members of the school have continuously embraced the spirit of togetherness and cohesion during all times. The school comes together every morning for mass. In between, there could be an occasion or two to pray together during mass for a specific need or reason, for example, to pray for the Fourth Formers just before the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (K.C.S.E.).

Guidance and Counseling is also part of the role of the Chaplaincy in conjunction with the Guidance and Counseling Department.