Boarding Facilities

Students sleep in spacious dormitories within the school compound. Each dormitory is assigned a dormitory prefect or captain, who is in charge of maintaining order within the dormitory. Students' dormitories are named accordingly.

Boarding Support Staff

The boarding support staff, led by the Deputy Principal in charge of boarding; Mr. Charles Komu ensure that all students are able to acquire all the necessary facilities enable them feel protected. All meals are prepared by nutrition professionals.

Students' Medical Care

The medical professionals within the school's dispensary offer medical attention to the students at any time of need. In case of more medical attention, the school liaises with leading medical facilities within the larger Nyeri County.

Nurturing of Talents

We realize the need to nurture talents and attain individual abilities amongst all students. The sports and talents department gives the students the opportunity to express their God-given talents through various avenues within the school.