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A Clear and Shared Focus

The focus is on achieving a shared vision, and all understand their role in achieving the vision.

High Expectations for Students

Teachers and staff believe that all students can learn and meet high standards.

Effective School Leadership

Effective instructional and administrative leadership is required to implement change processes.

Collaboration and Communication

There is strong teamwork among all staff across all grades and subject areas.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments

The planned and actual curricula are aligned with the essential academic learning requirements.

Professional Development

A strong emphasis is placed on training staff in areas of most need.

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Form One(1) Uniform List, 2024

Get Uniform List, 2024

Climate of High Expectations

Nyeri High School is an effective school that expects high levels of achievement from each member of their learning community; all students can and will learn, and teachers, staff, administrators, and parents are expected to hold that belief.

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